pregnancy paranoia? but im a virgin?

this is going to sound super silly and i totally get that but im extremely paranoid about pregnancy despite being a virgin. 
the "most" ive really done is dry humping with my boyfriend of 2 years (9.5/10 times in underwear but that other 0.5 will be one of us won't have underwear but at least one of us does etc. and once many months ago, feb to be exact, briefly touching unclothed genitals for less than a minute with no cum). i trust my boyfriend enough to know that he would never cum whilst on me, even when wearing clothing. he always gets off beforehand. 
here's the gag: ive actually gotten my period pretty much every month since ive last been sexually active but last months period was nearly two weeks late and i had INTENSE (what i thought were:) pregnancy symptoms which lead me to believe i was pregnant, crazy i know, but i was in a place where it was pretty much impossible for me to get a test even just to put my mind at ease. anyway i had crazy sore breasts and cramps, acne etc. and was CRAZY stressed out but in the end i got my period, a regular 5 day heavy flow 2 weeks later than when i usually do. 
ever since ive started my period at age 13 ive never actually been 100% regular but for the past year or so (im 18 now) i have been. and reading online (i know bad idea) i read that some women will be pregnant but still get their periods and ive just been crazy paranoid and anxious since. 
a few questions: 
1) can someone please factually assure me that im not? i feel super selfish knowing some women will try for years to get pregnant and im over here freaking out after dry humping someone in clothing. 
2) was there absolutely any way for me to get pregnant considering we were both clothed (in underwear) and he never CAME while we were dry humping?
3) has anyone ever been in a similar situation with a two week late period? do you know anyone who's gotten pregnant from dry humping? 
thanks for all the help girls 💖 
p.s. please no one tell me im not educated on sex. im a med student and study this for a living. i understand my questions are crazy but it's my paranoia getting the best of me and i need assurance from other women!