cervix position and mucus question.

I'm 42 and yes, I'm still learning my body. I can tell when it's high or low and anything else would be medium. I believe because of where the hole is, it's posterior. (I have to reach alllll the way around back to even feel the opening. Now, I've two kids. 22 and 17. Obviously I can't see my own cervix, but after having kids how do you know if it's open, closed or medium???  Mine feel like a friggin maze. So basically I just GUESS on Glow. TMI, but I have never in my life fingered myself and gotten absolutely no pleasure from it. In fact, I had to cut my nails because they irritate it and I'm scared I'll scratch something.  Can anyone help with their experiences on the opening situation?  Thank you in advance. I'm already crabby as hell cuz DH wouldn't get me chic-fil-a. Don't make a momma mad 😡