First child blues?

Gina • FND Fighter ✊ Narcissistic Abuse Survivor 🤐 Jesus Follower 📖

My husband came back from a year-long deployment and I'm so ready to move forward and catch up on time that I feel was stolen from us. I want to start a family and feel like we're on track with our goals again because before he left we were TTC and now he wants to wait a little more until money agrees too.

During the deployment I felt like I was in this time void where everything just stopped and I felt trapped. I felt like no matter what I did I couldn't move forward.

Now that we are together again I want to enlarge our family by one. I've always dreamed of being pregnant. To me it's possibly the best experience yet to come. And I know he's ready too but I'm sure he feels trapped by our finances too...

I just want a baby in the worst way. I even want to dirty diapers and the crying at 2am and the puking on my new dress and everything. Is that over the top or am I really just going insane?

Who else is hoping for their first child? Their baby they've wanted since they had "the talk" in 5th grade haha.

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