had a scare yesterday 😭

So I'll just start off by saying yesterday I hit 25 weeks pregnant and it was a normal day, well maybe a little better than normal. My husband and I had spent the whole morning together (which doesn't happen often because he works two jobs) we went to quik trip around 8 am or so because I was craving an apple fritter. When I was walking back to my car, I slipped on a wet spot from the rain in the parking lot and I just figured it was because I was wearing sandals. Anyway, we go back home, eat breakfast, go back to sleep for a bit, then head out to my optometrist appointment. We then headed into his work for the optical department so I could order my new glasses and by that point, I was starting to get pretty hungry. So, we headed over to the cafe and ordered two pizza combos, so they come with a drink. There were no tables in the cafe area at all, so my husband suggested we head to the break room to go eat. So I'm carrying my plate of pizza and my drink in my hand while going up the long flight of stairs. Before I knew it, I had fallen going up the stairs. My husband asked me if I fell on the baby and it took me a minute to even process what had happened. Then I realized, yes, I had fallen directly on my belly. I was devastated. I felt like it was my fault and that if something were to happen to our sweet girl, it would be my responsibility. I don't know if I've ever felt more awful in my entire life. Once I had gotten up and cleaned myself off a bit, we headed straight for the hospital. The five minute drive or so felt so much longer. We were both crying, but trying to hope for the best. I got off the phone with my OB's office a few moments before we got to the hospital and once we got inside, I was put in a wheelchair, while we waited for a labor and delivery nurse to come get us. After what felt like an eternity, she finally came. She of course asked me what happened and I turned into a crying mess again. I told her how I felt it was my fault and she told me falling like I did, is actually more common than most people think. I was just wishing we were in a room, listening to her precious heartbeat. Finally, that moment came and I couldn't have been more thankful. Our little girl was okay! We stayed on the heart monitor for a few hours and at first, she wasn't really kicking or anything, but before I knew it, she was kicking like crazy! Then it was like she tired herself out, then she started again. Before we left, the nurse said she even had hiccups, but I just hadn't been feeling them. It was so reassuring finding out she's okay and that she wasn't hurt. One of the doctors from my OB's office came in and said everything was okay and that she was protected pretty well in my belly and that she was completely unaffected. Other than some bumps and bruises, we're okay. She's been kicking ever since we got home and I couldn't be more thankful. We decided not to tell our families because we just wanted to keep it between us, since everything was okay. That's why I decided to post on here. I'm sorry it was so long, but it had been a long, scary day πŸ™