A Day To Remember 👅💦🔥

I remember this day so well.My boyfriend and I were having an argument and we went into different rooms and when he calmed down he came into the room I was in and started kissing me.as he was kissing me he eased down to my waist and started slowly taking my pants off but left my underwear on then start kissing my vagina through my underwear and i got so wet .then he finally took my underwear off and start eating me til i orgasmed then i started sucking him and giving him hickies.then he finally put it in me and started pounding away saying things like "this my pussy" "i love you girl" "this dick good aint it" "i aint never gone hurt you or leave you again" "call me daddy" in my ear and it turned me on to the max and i started digging my nails in his back and he was like "yeah let that shit out" so i kept doing i and the harder i scratched his back the harder and deeper he started fucking me and put his hand around my neck which drives me crazy.when he finally came he started shaking and moaned and breathed deeply into my ear which made me cum..when we were done i was like "i scratched the shit out of your back" and he was like "no shit that shit hurted" 😂 so i took a picture because he wanted to see it.