Water broke!

Around 8pm tonight I felt a few small gushes while using the bathroom. I wasn't sure if it was my water or not but a few minutes later there was a bigger gush and about 20 minutes later it was a huge gush like what you see in the movies lol. We got to the hospital about 45 minutes later and got checked but since I'm not yet in active labour (no contractions) and it's 10pm they gave us the option to head home and relax to see if my body will start labour on its own OR go for induction right away. We opted to head home. Wish me luck that my body will start labour on it's own. Otherwise we go back at 6am for induction. It's a vbac so I'm super hopeful that my body will do this naturally. Feeling nervous and not sure how I'll relax! I'm 38+3 days and totally wasn't expecting to have this little one until 40 weeks. Soooo nervous!