Does anyone else just feel hopeless?


Iam 34 married for 6 years been with dh for 16 years next month. We had safe sex till we were married cuz we just wernt ready for kids. Now been trying for years without knowing what i was doing. Did research and started bbt,premama,cassava root,opks, ttc astroglide And poas every time it was 10 dpo I even started eating pinapple every 1-5dpo . It's too depressing to see a stark white test evey month. So iam taking a break. If it happens it happens😓 I mean it hasn't in 16 yrs what makes me think it would happen now.

Anyways thanks for reading...ohh and I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow.yay me. I am super happy for her...just sad for me.