I finally get to write my birth story! FTM

Monday the 5th at 4am contractions started. I was a little nervous but overall excited, was she really coming? I time them and they are 4-6 minutes apart. Already? I try and sleep until morning to see if they continue (I can't) and they do. I tell my husband and he is ecstatic. We plan to wait out at home contractions are closer and stronger so less time is spent with me in uncomfortable labor at the hospital. Later that day around 6 o clock they are 3-5 and we go in. I'm not even effaced. " maybe they're Braxton hicks". A little disappointed but ok, she'll come around. The nurse suggests they hurt so much because of baby's position- her back is resting against mine. 24 hours later the contractions are still 3-5 minutes apart and they have not let up at all, they continue to get stronger as time passes. "These cant be Braxton hicks??" We go in again to be told, barely effacing. Ok This means progress, this means the now 38 hours of constant contractions that are STILL getting stronger are not in vain. 24 more hours go by. The pressure is intense, my back is killing me almost worse than the crippling contractions, I can barely walk. We go in again. I'm praying that I've dilated to at least a 3 so they will keep me. I'm at 1.... 😔 after 62 hours of labor.... I'm at a 1. They have me walk for two hours since I'm showing signs of progression (the same sweet nurse I've had since day one rooting me on trying everything she can to help me along) but...no new progress. I have to go home... again. I haven't slept since since Sunday night! I can barely walk! How can I last any longer? I go home and cry with my face in a pile of pillows I hug to my chest with my back arched in the air- trying desperately to relieve SOME of the pain. Come 4 am -72 hours since the start of labor-, I start to leak, I assume it's discharge - it's normal to have excess at this stage of pregnancy right?- I try and lay down even though that makes the contractions worse. A LOT more leakage... no that couldn't be... I tell my husband but warn him not to get his hopes up. I walk around for a bit- but it seemed that was all. Until I sit to take a rest, and flood the side of the bed. IT IS. I cry in relief, not only does this mean progress, but that they have to keep me at the hospital now. Also the pressure is letting up tremendously. This is happening! We rush to the hospital, and the nurse whose been by my side through the whole thing is so happy. She felt bad for having to keep sending me home. Because of my slow progression they want to start pitocin as soon as possible. I had initially not wanted an epidural, but after 72 hours of sleepless pain, I needed it if I was gonna be able to even push. I'm able to get about 2 hours of sleep before they wake me up I'm at a 9 and the nurse wants to push early to get it started. After about 40 minutes of pushing, and episiotomy that turned into a perineal tear- she is out. At 11:44 am, 6-8-17, At 8lbs 9oz and 20 inches long, my baby girl is finally welcomed to the world. I had no problem delivering my placenta. But it wasn't over yet. My epidural was already wearing off and I could feel my doctors each stitch, he notices this. But he is already slightly frantic. I have an arterial bleed. He is trying to seem calm as he is not so calmly calling for nurses help and for the epidural tech to come back. He managed to keep his cool and fix the situation. 
After nearly 80 hours of labor. And a hell of a delivery. Emily Lorene Reasons is here, and I am so 😍 ❤️