Do you BBT? Mind Sharing your chart? Apprehensive I'm going to miss O

Amy • TTC #1 4Years off contraception.. 1st time charting bbt 2017 will be my year 🌻🤞
Hey ladies 👋
Do you BBT? I'm after some real people charts so I can see if I'm on the right track and peace of mind mostly really..
I had an ultrasound yesterday and the doc said she could see my follicle on the left.. (huge relief to know there is something there... somewhere!)
This is my first bbt month so have no comparisons of my own..
My temp has dropped but not spiked up yet, have BD just in case..
How long does the follicle take to travel before temp peaks? 
I had this opk this morning, which I'm sure is still negative.. should I try again in 6hours?
After 4 years for TTC . a lot of tests have finally been run, a doodah up my hoohah the length of my arm (my nurse kindly reassured me it didn't all have to be inserted!! My response well that's good, cos I don't even have toys at home that long! Broke the tension nicely!) a lot of knowledge has been gained and I've got this app this month.. I'd be a bit glum to fail another month.. especially knowing it's sooo close.. and so much work has gone into charting, finally getting the appointments, learning to catch my pee, learning the lingo, exploring cm has been fun 🤢 lol.. I just need some peace of mind and reassurance I think.. my friends are all past this topic and this app has been opened more than Facebook in the last month
Any charts would be hugely appreciated, ideas/opinions/experiences also welcome
Baby dust to all and happy Sunday!! X
Thank you for reading if you got this far 😀💚