Does anybody have uneven breasts?

I have read about a lot of women having uneven breasts, whether it be a great difference or barely noticeable. I myself have had uneven breasts since I was 13. I had grown to a size C, but I guess when puberty hit only one breast got the memo. I have to get special bras and implants just to look somewhat normal and even. I'm curious if I am the only one. It seems to be genetic. My mom had uneven breasts but it was because she was missing one of her muscles. I have both of my muscles so mine is still unexplained. I only hope my daughter does not inherit this from me. 
After seeing a few comments of ladies being the same, it's a relief that I'm not alone. It's very discouraging to see women with perfect perky breasts with bounds of cleavage when you don't have enough/even boobs for cleavage. It was especially hard as a teenager.  Lol now I  usually make the joke that I don't have cleavage, I only have cleave. My husband laughs at least.😂