Doctor refused to up my dosage of Clomid 🤷🏽‍♀️😩

First round I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate due to AF never showing and negative hpt. I did have positive OPK and ovulation pains  which made me think it was working at the time. When I called and told my doctor CD35  she prescribed me provera and 50 mg Clomid AGAIN she would not up my dosage because of me having positive OPK even tho AF never came .It's fustrsting because I feel as tho I'm wasting a cycle using an dosage that clearly didn't work .. maybe it's something you have to try a certain amount of times before going up a dosage .?  Do you ladies have an idea on why you think she wouldn't up to 100 mg .? Is it possible that it can work a second round same dosage? 
Today is my last pill for CD5-9 so nothing I can really do about it just wanted opinions . 
Thanks ladies .!