So , I've had a few miscarriages. (I have a 1 year old who will be 2 in October and I'm wanting her to just my only one at this point)

There's this girl on my time line who has a few kids and she's had miscarriages as well back to back in just a few short months with DNC'S PERFORMED. now every. Single. Day . For the past is 7 or 8 months since her last mis, she's been posting this stuff about "my baby would've been born this day and this day " or "I should get this for the girl I would've had " and I'm starting to feel bad bc it's annoying the shit out of me that she speaks constantly of a 4 week old baby that she miscarried and am I wrong for just..... hating that she does that? For thinking it's annoying? Don't get me wrong , I have plenty of empathy because I've had miscarriages too but shit. I don't sit there all day and think should've , would've , could've.