worst day ever 😪

i had the worst day possible, i work at target,  i was alone pretty much all day as a cashier and it was super busy bc it's a sunday and all day i have customers screaming at me and i have a pounding headache for hours and hours and i'm 26 weeks pregnant and my feet have been killing me, than one of my coworkers who is special ed and the sweetest guy ever almost got attacked in the parking lot and i couldn't get ahold of security. i came home and climbed into bed just wanting to watch tv and my bf was sleeping and yelled at me for turning it on, then he pushed me and i hit my head on the head board, now i have a killer headache and i'm hysterical from all the bullshit that went on today and my bf couldn't care less.  is it just my hormones or do i have a reason to be upset ???