Parents and in laws driving me crazy!

Oh my gosh I can't take it. I've been so good with mood swings all pregnancy. I've had zero to none this entire time, and I'm super laid back and have had a great pregnancy. But now that I'm 20 weeks I had my first break down. Honestly, I got pushed to my breaking point. 
First, my Mom will NOT leave it alone about the name of our son. She doesn't mind telling me every single time I see her that I should change it. How rude to say to a mother first off, and secondly dear lord woman drop it! It's not changing!
Secondly, my Mom also is giving me huge push back on getting the whooping cough vaccine and flu shot when the baby comes. I'm sorry but this is so unacceptable. This is my son and it's very important to my husband and I that everyone that's going to be around the baby get the shots. If you don't, you don't see the baby. End of story. 
So with my Mom's huge push back on this I decide to let my husband's parents know that it's important to get these shots. Well his Dad said "will do" and his Mom gave me attitude saying "Stop already with this. We know to get vaccines. We got this" I immediately got super hurt by this and thought well shit woman I'm just trying to be prepared and let you know what's important to me as a mother. Who responds to a pregnant woman that way?! I mean you have to know I'm super sensitive these days and I'm going to take that wrong. I think with all my Mom's grief I've been getting I just broke right then. So I just turned my phone off and went to be alone. I know I'm over reacting but I'm sensitive and that wasn't cool.
I just can't handle parents right now. There's so much happening inside me and being a first time Mom I would think people would be more supportive. I just had to get that out. Thanks for listening.