5-6 dpo! BFP'ers, please help distract an emotional soul.


To be honest, I don't have the energy or stability right now to write much. I have been wanting a baby so bad and I'm trying not to symptom spot but the stuff I'm experiencing doesn't feel like me reaching for it, it's just very aparent.

I have been sick feeling in a really exhausted way, all day. I didn't sleep good at all last night due to some horrible dreams( which I never have) and then this morning when I tried to lay down and rest a little, the biggest Earthquake I've ever experienced happened- centered about a mile and a half from my home.

I'm stuffy, sneezy and coughing.. I'm tired, physically drained (it almost feels like I have the flu). My body is achy and I'm crampy. I've been having these unpleasant cramps that don't feel normal. I haven't been anywhere to catch something and neither has my family. It doesn't make sense why I would be feeling so under the weather.

I guess another thing that's got me feeling really blue, when trying to drop subtle hints that my husband and I are considering trying to have another child (when in reality, we've been trying for a while), talking to my grandmother, she totally flipped it on me and made me feel absolutely horrible for even thinking of bringing another child into such a horrible world. She basically was pointing out that the end times are near and that there's no end to what my children are going to suffer until the grace of God. My heart absolutely feels broken! Especially since I may already be pregnant.. and I'm very concerned about how that makes me feel for my already existing children. I am extremely, emotionally tender.

I could really use the uplift and some positivity from the Glow ladies right now. 😢

So, with that being said, what symptoms did you feel at 5-6 dpo? How long did it take you to get a BFP?