MY TTC Journey so far in 2017

My husband and I are together for 7 years now since I was 21. I'm now 28 and this is the year we are officially ttc. I first had my period in 2017 on the 2nd Jan, then experienced inplatation bleeding on the 20th Jan (I though it was an early period,but it was so little and short!). Then on the 9th Feb I had some cramps and my AF was late so I took the test and I got a BFP! We are both soooo sooo happyyyyyy 
I started having some spotting and was ordered to semi bed rest when I was in week4. Doctor prescribed me Duphaston to be taken twice a day. The spotting stopped after 2 weeks and I continue taking it once a day. 
On the 7th March (7 week scan) we finally heard the heartbeat for the first time. The baby was 1.13cm with 112Bpm. we actually felt that it was quite small and low heart rate but the doctor ensure us that everything was fine. 
Fast forward when I was in my week10, we rushed to the hospital when I found out that I was bleeding fresh blood. No pain no cramps just bleed like a period. Found out there's no heartbeat and did D&C procedure the next day on the 28th March. Doctor told me that my baby stopped growing at week7 because it hasn't grow since our week7 ultrasound when we heard the baby's heartbeat. 
After the D&C procedure, I bleed for 2 weeks. And finally gotten my first cycle of period on the 6th of May. I was so happy! 
This was a normal period where there's no cramps at all. I was very excited try again after this cycle. 
Baby dance with my husband every two days for a week during ovulation week and I had a faint positive on the 28th May-but it was just one day! (Attached the pic) I felt nausea but the tests were all negatives for a week after the faint positive test. 
 I couldn't believe it so I did sooo many test  until my period came on the 10th June. 
So today I'm on my 3rd day of period,second cycle after the miscarriage. And this cycle of period felt very different. My flow is very very heavy and I have cramps randomly several times a day (I never had period cramps before).
I feel so tired and just wanting to sleep all morning. A little depressed too. Can't wait for this cycle to end so we can start trying again next week. This time we will be doing baby dance every day! I don't want to wait any longer. 
This is my story ❤️