Implantation bleeding? (NO PICS)

Mary • 💙Zander Nikolai💙 4/5/2019
I started lightly bleeding (mostly brown and pinkish red combo) on Sunday. That was when I was supposed to start my period. Normally I have some major back and leg cramps followed by a heavy flow on day one. Day 2 never even filled a tampon. I swapped to a pad and had an actual light flow for just a brief moment then it was back to being light/spotting. Today is the same. I just woke up and didn't fill a tampon all night. I haven't cramped AT ALL. I have endometriosis, so normally it feels like AF is trying to claw her way out with some wolverine like claws. Is this implantation bleeding? I have been getting positive tests since 8dpo. I'm still getting positive tests. I'm thinking about going to the dr for a blood test today.