SAHM opinions

i stay at home with our 3 month old daughter while my husband works. he leaves at 7am comes home anywhere between 3-6pm watches tv with the baby for 30 mins to an hour then goes to the garage and works in there until 11pm-1am give or take while 5-10 friends "stop by" and hang out a night. i've tried arguing with him about it he just says he's working and he can't help it if they stop by. it drives me insane sitting inside with our daughter screaming crying while he's outside with his friends. he doesn't wake up with her at night which i understand because he goes to work. but friday and saturday night he's supposed to help- so last frieday night he "fell asleep" on the couch .. i am really struggling to keep it together. most days i can't even get dressed because our daughter won't stop crying whenever i put her down so i just sit with her until she calms down. she doesn't sleep. she's up from 7am-10pm every night no daytime naps whatsoever. i really thought i could do this all by myself but i'm really realizing i can't. anyone else? also, i get 100/week from him for groceries, spending money, diapers, etc. while he comes home with a new car every week. just venting i suppose,..