Sleep Training Advice??

We are starting sleep training today!  He's doing an amazing job and he's sleeping sooo much better.  It had gotten so bad that he couldn't sleep without someone patting his butt the ENTIRE time.  We're trying the Ferber method, the first nap today I laid him down drowsy, fed, and dry and he fussed through the entire first 5 minute portion of being laid down, I soothed for 5 minutes without picking him up, left for 10 minutes, came back for five, and then left for 15 and by the end of the 15 he was out like a light and slept for an hour and a half... WAYYYY longer than he's been sleeping and he woke up happy instead of grouchy and tired like he has been.  
The second time around I laid him down drowsy, left for 5 minutes, came back for 5 and left for 10 minutes and he was asleep by the time I came back.  This is GENIUS and he's actually resting.  
Baby Carter and I are both feeling soooo much more refreshed.  I hope this upward progress continues!!  
What are your thoughts on sleep training?