Avocado attacks (lengthy)

Obie-One 💙💑👶

Before I was pregnant, my SO had me eat avocados because they are so good for you and he loves them. He always said when I became pregnant I had to eat one everyday for the baby.

Starting the first trimester, I started to find them gross and aweful tasting. He kept pushing them, saying it's all in my head.

I started putting them in my smoothies second trimester to hide them in with the sweet fruit. Then came the terrible belly aches. Every time I had some in my food, it made my stomach twist in knots. Only thing that would help would be to drink pop to help me burp. Again, SO said this was all in my head.

After a while, I think he started to believe me after several more attacks. I avoided them all together, no issues since. Now last night I made some guac. I wanted it so bad and decided to be ballsy.

Terrible mistake.

My tummy hurt so bad and was getting worst. All I wanted to do was puke. After roughing it out for 2 hours, I couldn't handle it anymore. Made myself be sick in the toilet. I was so violently sick my throat got irritated and bled a little. Immediately felt better and passed out in our bed.

All in all, worst experience I've had all of pregnancy (besides doing the rainbow) and probably will never have avocados again.

Sorry for the length, had to share my avocado sob story with someone.