opinions GREATLY appreciated

Hi all, 
New here and also the first time I am posting. I am TTC but I'm not completely stressing over it happening right away. It's been only a few months since my partner and I decided to "let things happen on its own", get off birth control and stop any preventable measures.
I got my implanon taken out on February 25th. I've had three periods since then, but definitely not regular (what I mean by that is one started at the end of march, had a super super light one in mid April and the third one on the second week of may. They've been allllll over the place!) The last period I had ended on May 12. 
I have not yet started my period for the month of June YET. I am having weirdest symptoms ever:
-breast tenderness (not necessarily sore but they feel like 1,000483938382 pounds and they ache) 
-bloated, I feel like a freakin whale
-crazy mood swing and super heightened sex drive 
-could probably fall asleep at work by 10am if I was allowed to and sleep the rest of the day 
-waking up every morning before work at 6:30am SO STARVING that it almost feels like if I don't eat I will throw up. And then when I do eat, it's incredibly unsatisfactory and I end up throwing most of it away. 
I took a pregnancy test on Sunday morning (June 11th) and it was negative. I am now almost to the middle of the week and no period, no spotting, no mild cramping, not even a single break out on my chin like I always get once a month due to that wretched aunt flow. 
A few of my friends who have babies or are currently pregnant all had taken a test which was a negative and then a week later found out they were pregnant. Is it possible that my HGC levels aren't high enough to detect it? Or am I experiencing the worst PMS symptoms ever, that have lasted at least for at least 2 weeks now? 
Any feedback/opinions/experiences would be greatly appreciated. :)