Last minute anxiety??

Hi all -
Just wanted to vent/reach out to see if anyone is having similar emotions as me. 
I'm 37 + 2 today and for whatever reason am having last minute anxiety that is almost crippling. I can helping asking "what if" .... specifically what if my baby girl isn't healthy. 
I'm a first time mom, 34 years old, and have had genetic testing/screening done and NT ultrasound.  Thank goodness all tests came back low risk or negative. Plus baby girl is moving beautifully and all check ups to date have been great. However, I can't let the negative thoughts creep into my mind that baby girl could have DS, Turner Syndrome, etc. or wonder about the changes of a false negative or think did I miss any important screening/diagnostic tests. 
I never  considered myself a worrisome or negative person until I became pregnant - now I'm paranoid about EVERYTHING! 
When I talk to my husband about it, he's very comforting and attributes it to hormones but still the thoughts continue to linger. 
Anyway ... just ranting and looking to see if anyone is experiencing the same emotions. Any tips on how to manage the anxiety is also welcome!
Thank you ☺️