Genetic Testing / High Risk Prengnacies

This is my first pregnancy and we are so excited. I am 10 weeks 2 days. I wanted to started this thread so that those of us going through genetic testing or have been flagged as "high risk" can share their stories and lean on each other for support. 
My husband's sister has a chromosome disorder and spina bifida, which puts us at risk... so we will be having genetic testing done. I also had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix 10+ years ago that required freezing of my cervix (twice), which changes the makeup of your cervical cells. The doctor explained this puts me at a higher risk for early/spontaneous labor and miscarriage. I have to go in every two weeks to be checked. On the bright side, I may get to see the baby more often and I will be reassured regularly that things are okay... but I never envisioned my pregnancy being filled with so much worry. Sometimes the worry overshadows the excitement 😢
Anyone else going through similar issues?