My ex of five years finally decides he wants to be sober after having a seizure from quitting cold turkey off of opiates & Xanax. 
I was concerned. He told me he was in the hospital so I contacted him to see if everything was okay. 
We talked...& decided to see each other 
He was the sober person I fell in love with 
The feelings that never left came rushing back.. harder 
I should of expected this... him sober was all I could of wished for all those years. 
I've been in love once and it was with him. 
(This is besides the point but oh well) 
Well I had received a letter in the mail two weeks ago that my sister brought me from where I used to live just today 
A letter from miss Texas USA asking me to run for my city. I've never done anything like that before but I seems like something I would enjoy ! Out of excitement I call my ex boyfriend and told him... the first thing he said was " we'll have you seen your competition" ..... those girls .. this & that 
ummm I was pretty thrown off... I asked what do you mean? 
He said girls in pageants work out & prepare for this kind of stuff for years. 
I told him how what he said made me feel sorta shitty 😒
Maybe it's my hormones but this offends me.. 1) because I feel like he should of been like that's awesome I hope you win! Or some bullshit like that 2) woah hold up... my body is beautiful & that to me was insulting 3) I felt like he was saying I wasn't good looking enough 😒
Should I be upset ? 
What are yalls thoughts?