what are the chances 😡😡

I've been using glow for a little over a year now. Not once have I ever ran into somebody I know on here. So anyways I'm 17 and my fiancé  just turned 20 I found out a few weeks ago I was pregnant. But before I found out forsure (doctor confirmed) I had posted a test with a faint line here on glow. My Fiancé's brother's crazy girlfriend somehow saw it. And she went and told his entire family that I was pregnant. Before I even knew forsure. And his family wasn't 100% cool with me yet either because of some legal trouble my fiancé and I had gotten into together awhile back. Then this horrid woman had the audacity to announce MY PREGNANCY at my Fiancé's nephews birthday party. So his whole family is just on this kick together saying "we need to talk about other options and choices" and saying we're not ready for a child. And all this stuff. I'm 17. This is my first child. Yes we are not totally ready. And we have a lot to learn and a lot to go through. But I'm already scared. This made it 115% worse.  And they are all telling me this before I go to a doctor and before I talk to my own parents. And now every time I post on glow she somehow sees it. And I can't black her. So I just have to post everything anonymously. Or else at the next barbecue she will make everyone be quiet and have to announce that I had some strange cm and wanted opinions last Wednesday! 😂 I just feel violated. Glow was a private place for me. Where I could get things off my chest where nobody knew me. 😔😕