is he crushing on me?

HELP ME GUYS. So there is this boy in my organization who i admired because we have the same photography group and i really, really admire his photos and stuff but lately i have been getting some signs that he is crushing on me (or is it my head???) okay let me list some signs:
1. There is one time that he taught our group some photography lessons and i asked by the end, "can i get some tips?" and somebody in the crowd (his friend) shouted, "tips about photography or about him???" (the friend wriggled his eyebrows at the same time) then the both of us got flustered.
2. at our org dinner, he was promoted to the head of photography and i was the only photographer present (ughhh) people kept talking that he will talk directly to me in his speech and people kept giggling and he was so flustered, shutting them up and i just kept calm but i was heating up so baaaad, my cheeks were so hot šŸ˜­
and right now im thinking that the other member close to him knows about "it" because they drink and stuff as i first experienced (but he wasnt there), there were some secrets spilledĀ