Safety and being brave

-_- • Just be happy with yourself and make others happy.

Please women, be careful. Always look around and if you see someone in danger or something strange say something!

The summer is here and the creeps are coming out. Yesterday when I was hanging out with my friends. I got off the train and some guy told me that when I was on the train he saw some old guy take a picture of me. I didn't notice him in the slightest despite all of us being so close to him. If the guy had said something when we were on the train we could have done something.

Don't let this happen to someone else, please.

Do something when you can! Call the police, take a pic of the creep, let others know. I don't know why he took a picture of me and it's scary to think of why or what would have happened if I were alone. This could be you, could be a friend, this could be a family member. Please don't let these situations just happen. Be brave and strong like I know you can all be.