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Bare with me this is my phone conversation with my mother tonight.

Mom: So what did you cook for supper?

Me: leftover pizza.

Mom: you know that's not very healthy for your growing toddler. You wanna know what I had for supper?

Me: sure Mom

While she rants in about how she cooked a hearty meal... I'm thinking about how much of a hypocrite she is saying this to me for all the times she didn't want to cook and called my Dad to pick up McDonald's on the way home.

Yes, I totally understand that I have a growing toddler who needs all his fruits and veggies. And yes, I may be lazy and not have a full coarse meal and a happy smile on my face every single time my husband comes home from work.

But, come on! I'm sorry if it seems I'm not doing a good job if my son is so picky that I would rather give him leftover pizza from last night than fight with him to eat something that i know he will not eat because then I'll have to eat it because I don't believe in wasting anything especially food!