Learning disabilities

How do you feel around people that have disabilities? I have a few learning disabilities including severe dyscalculia to the point where I can't really use normal watches or tell time accurately on a clock without spending some time on it and then sometimes jump the hour ahead.I always was kept in a separate class In a school of "mainstream" kids. I have 2 kids a husband and am a stay at home mom because college was really hard for me. I find it hard to socialize sometimes with people mainly due to the insecurity that perhaps theyl notice. It can be noticeable sometimes with certain topics especially those regarding numbers even when people will say oh my second cousin once removed aunts sister and I'm lost so anyways I avoid crowd for this reason and I hate socializing because I tend to feel really insecure about getting close to people because I was mocked alot as a kid and didn't have friends. People would never know this about me I come across as snotty and stuck up but I'm not I'm just nervous. So was wondering how others perceive people that are different from them? Is it weird for you? Do you notice when someone is different are you embarrassed to be friend with people with disabilities? Honestly I hate making this public but I know that's the rules so here goes...

So the poll goes how do you feel when your around people with learning disabilities?

Also... if anyone here has lds and is brave enough to comment publicly was curious if you feel the same way I do? Tia.

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