Breastmilk Question

Mindy • I like my puns intended.


3 weeks after birth and this is all I'm getting in a pump session. 15-20mins on each side...I've got a speCtra hospital grade pump, I've tried using it on all different settings, I've tried pumping after feedings, before feedings, inbetween feedings.

During feedings he's latched anywhere from 10-20mins at a time on each side, and we do paced feedings with a bottle and inbetween each ounce I put him back on a side till he pulls away- anywhere from 2mins to 10 minutes, then repeat with the other side till his bottle is finished. (Feedings take FOREVER) I let him stay latched on me for as long as he wants and all through the day, even if he's just using me as comfort (I read that even their saliva can stimulate milk production)

I'm taking fenugreek, 3 capsules 3x a day. I'm drinking Mothers Milk tea 3-5x a day. I made 5 dozen lactation cookies which I have about 2-3 a day. I drink 60-90oz of water a day. I've tried dark beer even (I'm NOT a beer drinker but I choked it down) I have a heating pad I use on my chest and massage myself all day long, and use showers as another opportunity to massage. I've tried video taping my lil guy breastfeeding and Watching it while I pumped, I've tried visualizing, smelling his head lol, or watching him while I pump...

Im not stressed out about it because I just bought a nursing system since we do suppliment, and I'm super excited to use it. (His weight and diapers were reflecting that he was not getting enough from me 😔)

Anyone has any other ideas or suggestions that I could try, I'm not giving up, even if I never produce anymore than this, I atleast want to feel like I gave it everything I've got for as long as I could.