I've been married to my husband for almost 3 years now and we have an almost 1 year old, I'm 8 weeks and I have a step daughter who's 7. There is a LOT of bull shit going on between us right now but something severely bothers me. For father's day Canaby lake Park where I am dads enter free. Well he said he hopes the 7 year old is tall enough so "I hope she gets the night requirement so we can scare the fuck out of her by taking her on a roller coaster."

Who else sees this as horrible? He would rather her be terrified than have fun. Of course when I said something his tune quickly changed. Thoughts please.

Update××× mind you, when we have her, he mainly has her help clean, he is very hurtful with his words toward her "use your brain." is a common phrase.

When she's not here he's even gone as far to say "because my idiotic imbisil of a daughter can't do anything right." That was in reference to putting something away.

He's always threatening if she doesn't get her dirty look off her face he's going to smack it off.

We are on verge of divorce. The most recent issue between us that's been serious is while showering he decided he didn't want to hear what I was saying. So he had shoved me, and it broke the pole where the water goes to the shower head. We have a clawfoot tub so it's exposed. He insists that he didn't shove. That he gently pushed me aside and I lost balance. That's the first time it's ever gotten physical.