Mentally abused or just overly sensative?

I need advice. I feel like im so unhappy lately. I dont know if its me, or if im not happy with my husband. So we have a lot of problems ourselves. He has a hard time showing compassion and it makes me feel like he doesnt care about my feelings and that they dont matter. I was having family problems yesterday and I was hurt. Im a huge family person and it really affected me. I was basically crying myself to sleep and he just laid there. Then he started to cuddle me and he started touching me and had a boner. So he pretty much just wanted sex. I kept telling him im sorry and just not in the mood but he kept ignoring me and still kept trying. I love sex with my husband and we seriously have sex every night. And if im not in the mood i will give him a blowjob anyways so its not like he misses out. Well when he got on top of me after saying no, i finally was like " i said no cant you respect that?" So his face looked extremely sad and hurt and he just got off of me. Then next thing you know im bawling my eyes out because i feel so bad for rejecting him. I feel like im ALWAYS crying. But i always get my feelings hurt. Im always sad. I work from home and all i do constantly is either sleep or think about how much i hate my life. My husband barely shows me any love and expects so much from me. I do everything i can. I cook every day, clean everyday/do laundry, i work 40 hours a week and somehow i still manage to make my husband upset. He yells at me everytime i do one small thing wrong. For example: I didnt cook rice with our dinner and he litterally yelled at me in front of all of his aunts and uncles because im stupid and dont know shit. Then yesterday he made me drive and on our way there he told me to slow down becauase the light was red. So i just listened and slowed down. Next thing you know hes calling me a dumb ass and saying i dont know shit, that im going to get pulled over and when i stand up for myself like "dont talk to me like that, im not stupid" hes like "youre not stupid??!! Tell me one thing that you know." Like how FUCKED up is that? Weve been married for 2 years and i feel like im on the edge of suicide because i am afraid. He is so aggressive with his yelling and if i cry he just laughs and taunts me. If i try to be strong and go for a walk alone hell follow me and say mean things all over Facebook about how im supposedly cheating on him. And then hell get on dating apps to hurt me. Idk what to do. I feel so weak. So im the type of girl who enjoys feeling pretty. Who doesnt? I never spend money on myself. If i even ask to get my nails done he puts me on a guilt trip. Fuck i cant even buy healthy foods for myself becaus i want to loose weight and he says no because the rest of the family wont like it. Or theylle eat it all in one day and it will be a waste of money. Not only that but i bought a tanning pass after i finally talked him into it and he refuses to let me go. Gosh i could go on forever about how he accuses me of cheating every day when we go to his rugby practices. All i do is get questioned about how he didnt see me for a seconde. Jesus like he thinks im going to suck the whole teams dick! Its just so frusterating. Im going to have a talk with him. He doesnt let me love myself so how can i love him?