Warning to ladies who use doppler... Aloe gel reaction

Lindsey-Rae • 29 years old ✌ RJB 10/20/13 ❤ Julien-Dean 11/9/2017 💙

Hey ladies! So I have been using Aloe Gel along with my doppler since about 13 weeks pregnant (I am 19 weeks now). My hubby and I use the doppler often to check in on our little boy and love it... I started getting a wierd rash/hives on my lower belly which I just chalked up to stretching from my growing belly... But then the aloe started to BURN whenever I put it on! I finally put 2 and 2 together... I never knew this could happen, but I guess from the prolonged use of the Aloe Gel, I ended up having a bad skin reaction. Hives and a really nasty rash in the area I use it (lower belly)! It hurts and is so itchy 😞 I didn't even think it could happen. I love Aloe Gel!

If you are using a doppler at home I would just get the Aquasonic stuff the doctors use. It's hypoallergenic and water soluable... Uhg never making that mistake again. Now I refuse to use the doppler until this rash clears, but who knows when that will be!

Just figured I would share so other ladies don't end up in my rashy boat! ❤💙