5month old bruises from nanas house help

So my daughter is only 5 and half months old and me and my boyfriends mom don't get along at all. I don't let my daughter go over to her house often due to the fact I had to quit my job and stay home because of her. I have been going through postpartum depression and didn't realize until recently and when I worked I worked full time 12-16 hour days 5-6 days a week and getting home around 1-2am And getting up anywhere from 4am to 6 am with our Daughter since he stayed up with here at nights. Well when his mom would babysit our daughter while we were at work and I got a new job with better hours I would get off work before my boyfriend and his mom would not allow me to pick up my own daughter from her house or drop her off at her house in the mornings and would not let me know if she was going anywhere with my child and if I asked if my daughter was feeling okay because she didn't feel good the night before and was up all night and if I called her texted her she ignored them and then blocked my number because she "needed space from me" tried to get my boyfriend to take our daughter and leave me. And I let her go over to his moms house 3 days this week and she has come home with a new bruise each day and yesterday she came home with a red and bruised eye well right under her eye and beside her nose and had a bump on her head and a dark bruise on the back of her leg.. I told my boyfriend our daughter is not to go back over there for a longtime. 
Does it seem like something is going on??
My boyfriend says that she is just a baby a plays to hard and get bruises. But she is t old enough to play so hard she gets a new bruise every day because when she is home with me she doesn't get bruises from playing or anything