Pregnant after a recent miscarriage (d&c)

Question to any ladies TTCing after a recent miscarriage: what was your experience? Would love to know.
I think I managed to get pregnant first month after my d&c, thou I'll have a blood test to confirm HCG levels today. 
I know some advice is to wait a month after a miscarriage to help with dating, but since my OBY cleared us to try straight away, we'll date the pregnancy with a scan around 7 weeks instead.
I waited until day 28 before doing any tests, basically I'm still not sure when we ovulated. Clearblue ovulation tests came up positive within 7 days after D&C (probably due to the HCG being at pregnancy levels still) so could not be relied on. Thus I only had Cervical fluid and Basal Body Temperature to go by.
I decided to run three consecutive days of tests to try confirm that my HCG was indeed go up.  The First response tests line has definitely improved, and today I also did a digital. So I reckon it confirmed it. Which would be amazing! 
If I'm right you need 50 HCG or higher? For the Clearblue Digital.  Does anyone know?  
Background: We just had a d&c 4 weeks ago (19th May) to clear an early missed miscarriage (5.3weeks foetal pole at 8 weeks, no HR = missed miscarriage) and I didnt want to lose another month waiting for AF  . To manage the existing HCG levels from previous pregnancy, my hcg baseline was taken a week after d&c and recorded at 39 so that we had a comparison if we were successful TTCing. I'm really hoping the HCG had time to drop and that it is in fact now rising. 
 What do you guys think?  
Tests below
If it sticks, this is our 4th pregnancy in a row (I appear to get pregnant easily, but I'm also 39 and my partner 46 so we're having a few problems growing a healthy baby. My Oby told us we have a 50:50 chance to get a healthy one).  I'm staying positive.  It is what it is, and I'm determined to keep trying until we get a "good one"! :) 
My new approach is to relax and hope for the best and to trust my body. New pregnancy, different outcome. :) 
My FF chart is also below.
I reckon we conceived on 5th June, despite the ovulation temp spike coming later. I think 2nd June was too early.... unless I experienced hyperovulation and we'll get twins! Omg.
Please stick and grow and be a healthy little bean.