I'm a idiot

Man do I feel like a complete failure and idiot. I fell in love with what I thought was my prince charming but turned out to be a liar, cheating, snake in the grass. And not to mention I'm pregnant with this asshole son. I should had know with all the signs lately. While I been giving 100 percent it's not been 50 50. Begging him to spend time with me, him keeping his phone on silent and he saying it was on because of work and he forgot to turn it back on. Something told me to download tinder and make a profile. And what do you know who I came across. I came across him!!!!!!!!! I mentioned it to him and he said he got on there two days ago and downloaded it cause he thought I was talking to men and wanted to see if I was on tinder. What a bunch of bulshit lies. While we have been together. I wonder how long this has been going on and what he has truly been doing behind my back. And he's trying to turn it around on me and blame me. I'm done. I told him fuck you and I want him to get his hit out of the house and not to speak to me or see me again. Told him I am done and washing my hands of him. I really need some advice you guys. I am so heartbroken and feel like a fool. We been together for over a year. :-(

Update: every since I told him that we are done and I want him out. He's been blowing my phone up. Messages back to back. And begging me to not do this. He said also that he's still mine and he doesn't want anyone else. I told him newsflash we are over with you are not mine anymore and neither am I. And now he can have any women he wants and not have to sneak around about it. And told him I didn't do this he did this and he will regret all of it.