Cannot Get My 2 Yr Old Off His Bottle!

Jas • 2017 will be a better year! Working to make my hubby and son proud! #72915

So, getting frustrated. My son is not quite 2 yet (he turns 2 July 29th), and EVERYONE says it's time to start weaning him from the bottle. This is my first child, btw, so I'm still learning. Anyway, everyone is my mother, sisters, ladies at church, even random strangers.

So I have been trying for a week now to get my son on the sippy cup. He is NOT having it! I leave the sippy cup with water in it out during the day, but he just won't drink. And then cry bloody murder until I cave. I do give him his bottle at night though (part of night routine).

Maybe he's just not ready? I feel like my son will choose thirst before drinking from the sippy cup.