Is he seeing or spending time with someone else?

me and this dude has been talking for a bout 2 months he's really affectionate(verbally) not physical lol he told me sex isn't really that important in a relationship he tells me he loves me all the time and good morning text and etc he's the first man i have talked who wasn't scared to tell me his feelings towards me . recently i had a bad day at work and i texted him and he showed his concerns about what happened i texted him back an hr later asking if i could call him with a sad face emoji and three days later still no response he doesn't have a job he's been looking for one but i feel like if someone you love is going through something which i am at this moment wouldn't you text them or call them back immediately...this happened before but i texted last and it took him two days to text back and when he did text me back it was normal he didn't say sorry for texting back late or even told me why he did text back late i'm confused 😔