UTI and kidney infection causing contractions??

Wednesday I woke up around 3AM with very intense contractions. I tried moving around, drinking water, laying on my side... nothing helped. By 8AM they were so strong I could barely move and began to get extremely nauseated. I called my OB office and they did not seem concerned as I was not bleeding. I told them I could either come there or I would head to the hospital, but something was not right and I needed to be examined. My husband was, thank goodness, home and able to drive me to my OB office. My urine sample was very dark and cloudy and contained a lot of blood. My midwife preformed a vaginal exam to check my cervix. My cervix was still completely closed (thank god). We were told to go immediately to the hospital so I could receive fluids for dehydration. Upon arrival and being admitted, we were told I had a very bad UTI infection and the beginning of a kidney infection. They began my IV and I was administered IV fluids along with IV antibiotics. My contractions began to subside but would occasionally occur. I had a overnight stay in the hospital to receive a second round of IV antibiotics. I was told while being discharged that I could continue to have contractions until the infections were completely cleared up. 
My concern is that, I am only 17 weeks as of today. Is this going to jump start actual labor?