wtf body

Why do I feel pg when I know I'm not. I've had what I think was another Mc in April I never told anyone. And I had one "normal cycle" it was lighter than normal and then I've been spotty just a bit for a few days  this af I guess it's af that is... i had no cramps or clots and I normally have painful cramps the first day where I have to call off work it's so bad. And also my husband is in jail so there's no way in hell im pregnant unless I'm 13 weeks with a period. This was my test from April. I had a negative test a while back so I don't know. I've been told after a certain week your body stops production of hcg. And another hormone takes over? Idk. I just know I have the strange burning tugging feeling I got when I was pregnant. 
And I'm nauseous af and thirsty no matter whT and can't loose weight what so ever. Watch this be an episode of I didn't know I was pregnant lol.