please help! im soo confused and scared

Hi! I badly needed help with my case. May 28 i had sex which is the sixth day and supposed to be the last day of my period. I usually have a cycle of 30-32 days. I took ECP(yutzpe method for it was the only way here in the philippines). Then 7days ( june 6) after i took the ECP i had my WB which lasted for 3 days unlike my usual period which lasts for 5 days. Then june 22 i had some lower abdominal pain and itchy breasts. I tried PT 6 times ( my period is 3 days late) and it all turned out negative. Then came June 24 where i had sex again and unfortunately, the condom broke. Just an hour after the deed, i took ECP once again. Can anyone help me analyze where on my cycle am i? Ive learned that taking ECP may ruin your cycle. I suspect that i am on my ovulation period yesterday based on what ive read that symptoms of ovulation is cramps and breast itchiness. Please help. Please