Advice about sex

Hello lovely glowers :) so i could use some help. Last night my hubby and I were talking and i asked him how my bjs are and he told me good ( he used to tell me it was amazing and before meeting me he had only ever had 2) so then i followed with asking how my hand jobs are and he responds with "well you get me hard so good enough" so then i asked him how good i am at riding him, he quickly stuffs some food in his mouth and i waited but when he was done chewing he gets up and says he is going to bed. I feel awful because all this time I thought he enjoyed what i do (and i try to spice things up, trust me i try he just doesn't want to try anything new) so now i am sitting home trying to figure out what to do to make it enjoyable for him. If anyone has any suggestions on positioning or something I would love to hear it. Thanks a bunch