Need a little help here.


So some background: I'm 20 years old, was on the Depo shot for around a year, stopped January 2016 for my own wellbeing. Ever since then my cycles have averaged 65 days, with 4 days of bad pain and more bleeding than normal. Making me light headed and such. Not sexually active whatsoever.

It's my off month, what I call it, the month where I don't bleed but sometimes have pms for a few days. Counting the third day today, I've been having pretty bad constant nausea, along with what feel like period cramps. They're always there as well when I'm awake, get bad enough to where I need to lay down. Not sharp, those are when I actually have a period. The left lower side of my abdomen is achy, like the day after you excerised a muscle and it's fatigued. Very exhausted as well, though those might be from recent night terrors. Bloating is also present, once again constantly.

I'm not sure if something is amiss, I will be seeing a doctor likely on Monday. Just wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone?