Should I quit??

So I had the worst year of my life last year. 11 deaths, my sister almost drown and then got diagnosed with a brain tumor. 1 of those deaths was my other baby sister, another my grandma (my best friend), and another my father in law. I had to drop out of college. My husband and I moved twice. I am having to try and keep my mom afloat and well and trying to help my dad as well. My other grandma and Grandpa (my moms parents) both had a heart attack, thankfully they lived. Just a crap ton. I am finally seeking therapy and help, they think I have a few mental disorders as well. I like my job and most of the people I work with, but it's not great pay $8.00 per hour (just got a raise from $7.25) and they kind of walk all over the top of me sometimes. The job can be stressful and stuff, but not awful. Should I quit or just stick with it. I'm trying to decide what is going to be best for my mental health right now and would like some outside opinions.

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