I think I love sex with my husband!?!?

Ok so this is my first time posting so here we go. This weekend felt like something out of my deans with my husband. When I say it felt like he listen to everything I've said through the years...baby!!!!! I really feel like this was truly the first time I can say without a doubt I can totally do him FOREVER. Like he did just about everything I wanted without me requesting. But it's crazy because I don't feel like I have a outlet to really express how awesome it was. My sister, not so happy in her marriage, my Bestie is still single so pretty much all her sex is great, I tried with him but he just smiled and was like "anything to make u happy!" Yes sir very happy indeed. I just need to know is this a thing that happens in all marriages. Like a combo of moments especially physical that make u think... this was a good decision or am I delirious from passion ? I'm getting nervous like is this normal are we like wine lol ? Any married ppl would love your input on good sex in marriage, is it common?