My daughter just turned 5 months old. At the end of August she will be 7 months and I will be going back to college for the first time since she was born. I've been a stay at home mother and never been away from her more than a couple hours, and it was always one of her grandmothers watching her. In August, we have a babysitter lined up to keep her while I'm in school. She keeps a few older children.
My daughter has never been around other kids. One day I took her to her cousins house (3 children under the age of 4) and they were loud and rowdy and my daughter just cried everytime they got loud because she's not used to it. I took her to her babysitters today to see how it would go, and she did the same thing. Also hard for her to nap bc of it. I know it's because she's not used to it, because we have a quiet house where the tv is barely even on. What can I do to get her more used to kids and the noise? There is no one in my area who can keep just exclusively her.