Why can't you try to be nice??????

🖤🐾Nazanin🐾🖤 • Be proud of who you are 🖤
At first when I started to use this app I was so glad to talk to people all around a world with different cultures and with much more sex knowledge
But after a while your rude reactiongs changed ma my mind, why do you act like this??? ( not all of you, some of you are so nice and kind and guid and help each other as much as you can♥️)
Why do you wanna tear each other down??
If you can't handle it so don't asnwer it
You try to tease and posting rude cm that's not just true!!!!!!!!! Maybe that question is someone asking is all she needs to know, all those young ladys, all those girls who haven't been taught (just like me),.......
They know less than you or didn't experience it yet or just they wanna make sure or they're suffering from sth and the social media is the only place they can express themselves every other reasons YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS RIGHT TO INSULT OTHERS OR SAYING RUDE THINGS TO THEM ❌❌❌❌
Don't answer their posts like this 
Just try to respect