ttc with polycystic ovaries

Hi girls/guys
It's my 19th month of trying to conceive after two miscarriages. I'm 22 and was told by the fertility clinic today that I have polycystic ovaries but not polycystic ovary syndrome apparently there's a difference between the two. Really strange actually as ovulation tests and blood tests confirm I am ovulating every month just not getting pregnant. They said they couldn't offer me fertility drugs as I'm ovulating  on my own which I understand but feel a bit disheartened like il never get there. Been told to keep trying or in a few months try insemenation or <a href="">ivf</a>. Long road ahead and extremely fed up. Anyone got any advice or success stories would love to hear them as I'm feeling very low at the moment and I know how great you all are for support ❤️❤️