So my boyfriend and I of just over a year have off and on been trying to well you know make a baby. I shortly in the beginning of our relationship my period had been acting up?! Why I had no idea. My periods were off track and longer? So after a few months of that I went to see a dr. Come to find out I have PCOS. Wow my heart immediately sank. My while life I'd want nothing but to be a mom to carry my own child.

Well what I'm asking is how can I make it easier for myself to get and stay pregnant.

To higher my chances more to conceive a baby.

Oh and my bf already has a kid w.another woman from when he was younger. Not to mention a few other women had gotten pregnant with his baby but miscarried. So his superman is fine. It's just me.

Please help anything will do.

Oh I am on metformin but it made me break out in hives after like 10 days of using it