38 weeks and beyond frustrated.

Jennifer • 🌈💙 expecting our rainbow baby boy.
So starting last night I felt super nauseous and dizzy and my whole body ached. I got two hours of sleep.  I woke up this morning and was having contractions about 10 min apart. I believed they were just BH and got ready for work. Drove the kids to my mother in laws and as I left, they got more painful. I decided to call in to work and call my midwife to get checked out. By the time I got to the birthing center the contractions were 6 min apart. After being checked, she believes I will have the baby later today. I left and my husband and I had lunch and then walked around downtown. The contractions lasted at 5 min apart for over 3 hours. Came home, laid down and slept for two hours. Woke up and contractions stopped. I am so frustrated. Called my midwife and said to come in on Wednesday (two days) and if I dilated more then we will do some natural ways to induce. I just want to hold my healthy baby boy.